In Search of My Heart

Miriam's Story

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Embark on an exciting journey into the past as we uncover stories that shaped the people of Israel and continue to influence our lives today.

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An ageless adventure of love overcoming loss and enduring faith conquering doubt and unbelief

This book not only presents an intriguing story for men, women, and teens, but also allows readers to be immersed in the history, culture, and politics of first-century Israel. People of different faiths will learn the history of the Jewish people of this time and how the ministry of Jesus impacted the lives of both his followers and his enemies.


The story is written in a personal way that involves readers and makes you feel like you are really part of the events as they unfold and gives you great insight into what makes these characters “tick.”

Lynnette Brent

Your diligence in researching the culture of ancient Jews allows the book to be both educational and entertaining.

Patrick Buttram


Larry & Carol McGehe

Larry and Carol were married in 1978 and have combined their careers and life experiences to bring a unique blend to their writing. They love to travel and have visited all seven continents and all fifty states, connecting with individuals across the world. They also enjoy mentoring young adults, whom they fondly identify as their “children.”

Throughout their careers, Larry and Carol have consistently collaborated as a team. They have combined Carol’s attention to detail and writing ability with Larry’s research and storytelling ideas to bring you this first historical novel of the In Search series.

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Discussion Groups

Discussion groups have the power to bring people together through a shared story. In Search of My Heart takes readers on a journey through a dynamic period in Israel's history and provides inspiration and application for modern life through the eyes of a young Jewish girl.

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