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An ageless adventure of love overcoming loss and enduring faith conquering doubt and unbelief

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Miriam grows up in the loving arms of her strict religious family in first-century Israel. Her fellow Jews bustle throughout their small village with a zest for life, but also with a clear disdain for the Roman soldiers who occupy their town. Tender-hearted yet strong, Miriam finds great difficulty in suppressing her opinions. Mama repeatedly cautions her not to rush too quickly into the mysterious parts of life she does not understand, but Miriam has definite views regarding her life and a strong desire for adventure in the world beyond her village.

Miriam’s idyllic fantasies are shattered when tragedy enters her young life. Bitterness and disillusionment replace the joy she has always known. Through a series of events interwoven with biblical accounts, Miriam is catapulted into the lives of scriptural women who have encountered the Messiah. Compelled by her curious nature, Miriam joins the women traveling with Jesus. Her long-held beliefs are challenged. Doubts, trials, and pain attack her attempts at faith. Can Jesus be who he says he is? Can she trust those who have been touched by him? Can she trust herself?

This book not only presents an intriguing story for men, women, and teens, but also allows readers to be immersed in the history, culture, and politics of first-century Israel. People of different faiths will learn the history of the Jewish people of this time and how the ministry of Jesus impacted the lives of both his followers and his enemies.

Although Miriam speaks to us from the first century, her intriguing and often startling stories of loss, disillusionment, joy, betrayal, enlightenment, and fulfillment transcend time and echo our own stories. Miriam helps us see ourselves in these ageless, yet very personal issues.


Larry and Carol McGehe were married in 1978 in Urbana, Illinois, where Larry was a businessman and Carol taught middle school through university-level mathematics. They are known for their presentations on a variety of topics at conferences and churches both in the United States and abroad. Now living in Daytona Beach, Florida, Larry and Carol enjoy mentoring young people, traveling the world, studying the Bible, encouraging others, boogie boarding, playing pickleball, and collaborating on their writing projects.


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Larry and Carol McGehe teamed up to create "In Search of My Heart" as a labor of love for their reading audience. This story was born in the middle of the night after a Bible Study with friends and has become one of the most intense and rewarding projects the McGehes have ever undertaken. Their prayer is that through Miriam’s story, readers will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged in their journey of faith.