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I am proud to say I’m a Southern girl from Columbus, Georgia, born August 5, 1949, to Robert and Miriam Amon. My dad was a banker with First National Bank for 48 years, and my mother was a registered nurse who sacrificed her career to be with me during my childhood. The three of us adored each other. Our home was filled with laughter, teasing, a love for learning, and my mother’s amazing Southern home cooking.

The laughs began early on
… and so did the love of my mom’s cooking!

My dad took every opportunity to teach me about numbers, whether explaining aspects of banking, showing me patterns in the daily sunrise and sunset times, or quizzing me on how much farther we had to go to reach our annual vacation destination in Daytona Beach. I affectionately called my dad “Rob,” which some didn’t understand, but he loved. We were pals throughout our entire lives together.

A delighted little girl on Daddy’s shoulders at Daytona Beach


My mother, for whom the main character of In Search of My Heart is named, was a beautiful lady. She filled our home with love and exhibited a devotion to my dad and me that was beyond measure. She taught me to be independent, straightforward, confident, and strong. She was a woman of deep faith and modeled for me the spiritual disciplines of prayer, Bible reading, and worship, as well as the need for silence and solitude.

My inspiration and cheerleader

My parents’ lives and love shaped me into the woman I am today. I recognize that I am among the few who had an idyllic childhood, and I am grateful to God for this incredible gift of His grace.

What?! You’re taking my picture?

The five boys who lived next door shaped me into a tomboy from a young age. I much preferred being outside playing ball, riding my bike, or exploring than sitting still for very long. This active lifestyle carried through to my young adult years of water skiing and playing softball. One small claim to fame was slalom skiing over 30 miles in one stretch down the Chattahoochee River.

30 miles down the Chattahoochee
Yes, ’tis I.

I must credit my teachers at Edgewood School, Richards Junior High School, and especially Columbus High School for all the time, energy, wisdom, and knowledge they passed along to me, and also for their patience with me.

I can say the same for the many friends throughout my school years who helped me become a better person. I was incredibly blessed by my group of high school girlfriends, fondly known as “The Group.” We laughed a lot, cried some, went on many adventures together, and encouraged and supported one another every step of the way. We remain on a “group” text today, sharing our lives in new ways after all of these years. What a gift to have these amazing Godly women in my life even now!

“The Group” at our Kiddie Day breakfast our senior year of high school

Even though I didn’t especially enjoy school, I did well.  I was born with an analytical bent, so my love for math and science came naturally. Even so, I remember carefully pondering whether to major in English or mathematics when heading to the University of Tennessee. I know God led me into math, given the opportunities I have had as a result of that choice, most especially teaching math and writing mathematics curriculum. Receiving my Master of Education degree and teaching certificate at the University of Illinois in 1971 catapulted me into an extremely rewarding career.

Problem-solving with 7th graders

I’ve dabbled in writing all my life, creating greeting cards as a child, keeping a daily diary from ages 12 to 21, having a couple of poems published in college, writing articles for Instructor Magazine and math journals, and assisting a group of seventh graders in the writing and publishing of their own math book. In Search of My Heart has been a labor of love and has taught me more than I ever anticipated about writing and the desire to share a story.

Front of my mother’s 38th birthday card. Yes, exactly 38 candles!
Inside message of Mom’s card. (She called my dad, Bob.)

While my early life was profoundly shaped by my parents, my adult life has been shaped by my dear husband, Larry. He is the ultimate encourager and a man with great faith and wisdom. We are a mighty team, and I love him dearly. If you haven’t already, I encourage you to click to read “Larry’s Story” and “Our Story.”

Larry and Carol in the Blue Mountains of Australia

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Carol McGehe
Carol McGehe
Carol is a connector who loves bringing people together and being a "resource person" for those who have a need. Her career was as much about mentoring young people as teaching mathematics. Some of her students from the 1980s are still in touch and many others have sought her encouragement and instruction throughout the years. Carol loves Bible study and ministering to the widows in her church. She especially enjoyed the biblical research required for the writing of "In Search of My Heart."