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In Search of My Heart is perfect for ANY type of Discussion Group, especially with the Resources we provide. Here’s how we know…

Wide Audience Appeal

We solicited pre-publication readers to critique our book: friends and strangers, males and females, married people and singles. We received feedback from Protestants, Catholics, Seventh-Day Adventists, Reformed Jews, Orthodox Jews, and Messianic Jews, Unitarians, and agnostics. The readers ranged in age from 13 to 91 and represented a wide range of nationalities and ethnic groups (Korean, Filipino, Lebanese, Indian, African-American, Hispanic and Caucasian Americans, Europeans, and Australians). All readers, including the strangers who were polled, reported overwhelmingly positive reactions to our book.

So Much to Learn

In Search of My Heart offers not only a compelling story but also an opportunity to broaden one’s knowledge of the history of first-century Israel, the political struggles between the Romans and the Hebrew people of Israel, and the culture and customs of the Jewish people. You will learn about the impact Jesus had on both individuals and the society of his time and how Jesus’ mission was misinterpreted, even by his own followers. If you are not a believer in Jesus as the Christ, you can learn from Miriam’s story why Jesus had such a profound influence on the people. If you are a believer, you will likely see Jesus in an entirely new light.


PERSONAL VISITS with the AUTHORS: We would love to join your group in person, where possible, or through Zoom.

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DISCUSSION QUESTIONS: We have created a Discussion Question Guide that can be used in a variety of ways with a variety of groups. Be sure to read, “How to Use This Guide” at the beginning of the Discussion Question Guide. We suggest either a chapter-by-chapter approach for your discussion group or our flexible approach, which allows you to combine several chapters per group meeting.

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REFERENCE NOTES: The book includes extensive Notes, which are referenced throughout the chapters. The Notes provide additional information about the Jewish culture, the biblical characters, the feasts and festivals, the food of the times, the geography of the land, scriptural references, and much more, including bibliographical information.

SCRIPTURAL APPLICATION: The Hebrew scriptures, written in both Hebrew and English, are provided for each chapter to enhance the connection between the events in the chapters and the holy writings.

ADDITIONAL TOOLS for GROUP LEADERS: To enhance your experience as a Group Leader or participant, check out the following LINKS to read blog articles of special interest to Discussion Groups:

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McGehe Books
McGehe Books
Larry and Carol McGehe teamed up to create "In Search of My Heart" as a labor of love for their reading audience. This story was born in the middle of the night after a Bible Study with friends and has become one of the most intense and rewarding projects the McGehes have ever undertaken. Their prayer is that through Miriam’s story, readers will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged in their journey of faith.