How to Enjoy “In Search of My Heart”

In Search of My Heart is a work of biblical historical fiction set in first-century Israel, when the Romans occupied and ruled over the Hebrew people of the land. You will learn about the people, the land, the culture, the governing powers, the politics, and the emotions of this time through Miriam, the daughter of a Jewish scribe, who tells us her story in the first person. You will also learn how the ministry of Jesus changed not only Miriam and her family but the entire landscape of history.

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Some readers will be interested in reading this book to learn the history of this time and place and become more familiar with the geography of Israel and surrounding areas during the time of Jesus. For those readers, we provide an extensive body of notes and three different maps at the end of the book. Throughout the story, we reference the notes as footnotes. We suggest that readers interested in the notes wait until the end of each chapter to go through that chapter’s notes. In this way, the reader will maintain the flow of the story and appreciate the valuable information in the notes in the proper context.

Other readers may be more interested in the biblical context of the story’s events. Again, the notes at the end of the book tell readers where in the Bible they can find the biblical events of Miriam’s story. 

Other readers may be looking for an exciting story and be less concerned with the facts and references. However you choose to read this book, you will find plenty of intrigue in this story and a few surprises along the way.

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Many readers may not be familiar with stories written in the first person. You may find that being “inside Miriam’s head” and viewing life solely through her eyes is a different style for you. Through this style, you will get to know Miriam and view this time period through the eyes of a woman as you hear the events of her life and experience the depth of her opinions and feelings firsthand.

Because Miriam encounters so many interesting people, you may discover a place in her story where you need a reminder of who the character is or the character’s role. At the end of the book, we provide a list of characters by families as well as an alphabetical listing. Within these lists, you will see notations that clarify which characters are named in scripture, which are unnamed in the Bible but for whom we have provided a fictional name, and those who are strictly fictional characters.

Lastly, the prologue and each chapter begin with a verse from the Hebrew scriptures. The Hebrew language version is first, followed by the English rendering from the New International Version of the Life Application Bible. Even though these scriptures foreshadow the events of each chapter, we strongly encourage you to reread each one after you have finished the chapter to better understand the scriptural application.

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Also available are chapter-by-chapter Discussion Questions you can use in a Bible Study, Book Club, or for personal study.

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Whether you are interested in delving into the religion and culture of the first-century Jewish people and their struggle under Roman oppression, investigating biblical history, broadening your knowledge of Jesus Christ, or merely enjoying a good story, this book is for you.

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Larry and Carol McGehe teamed up to create "In Search of My Heart" as a labor of love for their reading audience. This story was born in the middle of the night after a Bible Study with friends and has become one of the most intense and rewarding projects the McGehes have ever undertaken. Their prayer is that through Miriam’s story, readers will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged in their journey of faith.