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“The imagery and precise words create a clear and vivid picture of the characters and events. The story is written in a personal way that involves readers and makes you feel like you are really part of the events as they unfold and gives you great insight into what makes these characters “tick.” I am also impressed with the discussion questions. What a great way to provoke deeper thoughts about the story and relate the events of the story to my own life. Looking at the end notes, I realize how important it is to these writers to make the story both engrossing and factually accurate. That attention to detail really sets this work apart from others.”   Lynnette Brent

“Your vision and your heart for sharing the deeper truths of God’s Word, mixed with historical facts, makes for exciting reading!”   Carol Jensen

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My immediate reaction was one of amazement as I considered that this literary work was borne of the minds of first-time authors. Your diligence in researching the culture of ancient Jews allows the book to be both educational and entertaining. As we struggle today to find the presence of God amidst constant tragedy, perhaps this book can encourage people to revitalize their faith as they embrace the lives of characters whose needs and concerns resemble our own, 2000 years later. With the book’s guidance, we can visit a world where people experienced Jesus and Christianity for the first time and hopefully, rediscover how that experience can be made fresh again in our own lives.   Patrick Buttram

“I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed In Search of My Heart. I love historical fiction, especially based on Biblical facts and characters, and told in the first person. Your hand is truly being led by God. I love the portrayal of the characters and how clearly you tell us about their lives. The discussion questions excite me also. Our Women’s Ministry is always looking for new material for our Bible studies to meet the needs of all the women in our church.”   Sally Buerke 

“The story flows easily, and Miriam is an easy-to-like character. I am not a Bible scholar or knowledgeable about the cultures in the time of Christ, but I do enjoy learning and there were enough interesting facts about the times to keep me reading.”   Hal Anderson

“Great writing, vivid word pictures, and an interesting historical plot. Miriam, Martha, and the other characters are already my friends.”  Audra Jo Baumgarth 

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“I love the way your story makes the Old Testament come alive. You have a wonderful way of weaving fact and fiction.”   Meg Hinton 

“The book shines light on the authors’ thorough research of Jewish traditions.”   Shayla Walker 

“Thoroughly enthralled with your book. The style in the first person is unique and flows so easily. Your talents are exceptional and worthy.”   Mike Helland

“How refreshing! Historical fiction is not my favorite genre. I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  My interest was captured in a big way. The discussion questions are wonderful. What a treat to be able to relate to the Old Testament.”   Stephanie Evans 

“I really enjoyed reading In Search of My Heart. We need more books written like this, where people can read and understand great relationships during that time in history.”   Faye Jones

“I really liked the way facts from the Bible were woven into the story. It’s fun to imagine all these “extra scenes” that are not actually recorded in scripture but seem to fit so well.”   Pam Williams 

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“Wow! I feel transported back to the first century. You did such a great job of weaving historical facts and scripture into a good plot. You’ve also represented several personality types into your story, something to represent a variety of readers.”   Suzie Hecht

“In Search of My Heart is written in a language of today yet shares a story from the past and what it might have been like living during that time period. The style of writing has kept my interest. The relationships that have been described are relationships that I can relate to. I like the discussion questions and will use them as they apply to my life today. I look forward to many more books from these authors.”   Christina Robb

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Larry and Carol McGehe teamed up to create "In Search of My Heart" as a labor of love for their reading audience. This story was born in the middle of the night after a Bible Study with friends and has become one of the most intense and rewarding projects the McGehes have ever undertaken. Their prayer is that through Miriam’s story, readers will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged in their journey of faith.