The Research Behind “In Search of My Heart”

The journey of In Search of My Heart began over 23 years ago.

Before the World Wide Web became the first choice for conducting research, we turned to books on the subjects of Jewish culture, biblical writings, foods, customs, feast days, the Roman occupation, culture, geography, climate, flowers, government and politics, and everything in between.

Our goal was that Miriam’s account throughout the pages of In Search of My Heart would accurately depict life in first-century Israel and transport the reader to that time and place. We were also extremely diligent in representing God’s Word with integrity, accuracy, and respect so that readers could trust the content and be inspired by the more important story of scripture.

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Our research continued during our trip to Israel with Chuck Swindoll’s Insight for Living tour in 2020. This journey gave us a firsthand perspective of the land Jesus walked. We experienced the foods, geography, climate, topography, customs, architecture, and people of Israel and found new inspiration for our book. 

Sailor Larry on the Sea of Galilee

We wrote the book with you, our readers, in mind. Included in the back matter of In Search of My Heart are extensive notes that provide further descriptions and facts on the topics discussed by the characters in the book, key scriptural references that support the story, and bibliographical information on our resources. 

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Larry and Carol McGehe teamed up to create "In Search of My Heart" as a labor of love for their reading audience. This story was born in the middle of the night after a Bible Study with friends and has become one of the most intense and rewarding projects the McGehes have ever undertaken. Their prayer is that through Miriam’s story, readers will be challenged, inspired, and encouraged in their journey of faith.